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    Earn what you’re worth. Choose when & where you work.

    Contractors are highly-skilled professionals with many years of experience in their field of expertise, and they now have the flexibility to work on their own terms.

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    Project Managers

    Project Managers are typically responsible for planning, executing and closing projects. Their tasks tend to include defining the project, building out a comprehensive work plan for the project and managing the budget for said project.

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    Site Supervisors

    Site Supervisors tend to oversee and co-ordinate the day to day operations of a worksite. Their role is to ensure the site operates at a high level of performance and efficiency.

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    Site Engineers

    Site Engineers are responsible for ensuring the technical aspects of a project are planned and completed to scope. Their tasks include marking out a site, making sure designs are implemented correctly and communicating with the site manager.

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    Safety & Environmental Officers

    Safety & Environmental Officers are responsible for ensuring the workplace is up to standard when it comes to workplace health and safety, as well as environmental regulations.

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    Speciliased Machinery Operators

    Specialised Machinery Operators are those who are specifically trained in operating specialised machinery on a work site such as excavators, trenchers and diggers.

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    Plus Many More

    Onsider Mission

    Better Rates & Work-Life Balance

    Onsider was envisioned to integrate highly-skilled contractors into key project positions, benefitting both the hiring companies and the individual contractors. We developed a system that offers contractors control over their work-life balance, the ability to set their own charge-out rates and the flexibility to choose projects that match their skill-set.

    In return, companies are provided with the reliability and expertise of specialised personnel they need to complete their projects professionally. This way of allocating in-demand skills, only when and where projects demand them, ensures both the contractors and the hiring companies can complete projects to the highest standard.

    Zac Chisholm – Onsider Founder

    Onsider is targeting all career driven individuals, including semi-retired, full-time workers or those wanted to transition into business ownership.

    Project Managers, Site Supervisors & Leading Hands

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    Estimators, Safety Advisors and Environmental Officers

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    Engineers – Civil, Geotechnical, Structural, Site & Project

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    Specialised Machinery Operators

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    Onsider contractors can work on a variety of projects from small businesses, large companies, local councils, major government departments & utilities.

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    Horizontal Directional Drilling, Auger Boring, Thrust Boring, Microtunneling, Tunnel Boring Machines and more

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    All Contruction Works – including earthworks, road infrastructure and pipeline works

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    Road & Bridge

    Maintenance and construction of all road infrastructure

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    Commercial & Residential Projects

    Small and large construction projects, ranging from Schools, Aged Care Facilities and Industrial Developments

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    Utility Upgrades

    All pit & pipe projects – including electrical, communications, gas, sewerage, water and irrigation

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    Mining Infrastructure

    All mining infrastructure

    A Contractor vs Employee: The advantages are clear.

    Contractors offer many unique advantages over full-time employees

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    Work-life Balance.

    More for less, we all want that right? Onsider allows you access to better rates with more flexibility so you can enjoy a better work-life balance.

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    No admin headaches.

    Enjoy all the benefits of being self-employed without the headaches. Onsider provides full support with payments, insurances, licensing, upskilling, tools and vehicles.

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    Guaranteed Weekly Payments.

    Your Onsider Account Manager manages all payments a week in advance to ensure you get paid on-time, everytime.

    Your rates, your projects, your schedule.

    You have complete control to choose the project that best suits your rates and conditions.

    Operate as a Contractor.

    We consult with you to offer you the best possible start in becoming a successful contractor so you can represent yourself and your own brand, all whilst being managed under the Onsider banner.

    Uncapped Earning Potential.

    As an independent contractor, you set your rates based on your experience and expertise, allowing you to earn a higher income with potential financial and tax incentives.

    Choose when you work.

    You have the flexibility to set your own working week, holidays, rest periods and days off.

    Project Sourcing.

    Our management team works for you, exposing you to the best projects available to keep your schedule demands met.

    Contractural Security.

    Clear contracts over-sighted by your Onsider Account Manager ensure you are protected both contractually and legally throughout each project engagement.

    Onsider Management offers you great services such as:

    Online Platform Services

    Promotion through individually tailored profiles, detailing your industry experiences, specialised fields, accreditations, charge out rates, availability, project conditions and additional attachments. All available for the hiring company to see.

    Notification of Project Opportunities

    Receive instant notifications via email for upcoming project opportunities suited to your relevant skills, experiences and personal working conditions.

    Career Progression

    Progressive up-skilling advice and support, providing relevant opportunities to improve your value, gain further skills and increase your desirability.

    Reputation, Exposure & Growth

    Brand and business education helps you reach your true earning potential, as well as promoting and building your professional reputation in a previously unavailable marketplace.

    Guaranteed Weekly Payments

    All payments are organised in advance to ensure you get paid on-time, every week. Your Onsider Account Manager takes care of this for you and allows you to remain entirely project focused, eliminating the headache of chasing payment.

    Established Networks

    Onsider Management utilises its Australian and New Zealand wide network of construction companies to ensure your schedule opportunities remains full all year round


    You will have access to all projects that match your specialised field and chosen geographical areas.

    Operating as an Independent Contractor allows you the opportunity of uncapped earning potential, governed by your own skills, reputation and experience.

    All funds will be transferred at the completion of the working week.

    Your profile is visible and promoted to all Australian and New Zealand companies registered with Onsider.

    Yes, as an Independent Contractor you will be required to maintain financial information and lodge your own tax. Contact Onsider Management to discuss further or speak with your accountant about the benefits and requirements of becoming an Independent Contractor.

    Yes, Onsider Management priorities your protection with project specific contracts outlining the description of works to be conducted.

    As an Onsider you will operate as an Independent Contractor and offer your services to the hiring company. You are not and shall not be deemed to be an employee or agent of Onsider or the hiring company.

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