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    You can now engage with highly skilled contractors across all sectors of the construction industry

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    Project Managers

    A project manager has the overall responsibility when it comes to planning, design, execution and closure of a project. It is their responsibility to ensure the project is successful.

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    Site Supervisors

    A site supervisor most commonly involves the management and supervision of a work/construction site, ensuring the site adheres to all health and safety guidelines.

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    Site Engineers

    Site engineers are on hand to offer advice and guidance when it comes to the planning and co-ordination of the technical aspects of a construction project.

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    Safety & Environmental Officers

    The role of a Safety & Environmental Officer is to provide management, monitoring, reporting and advice when it comes to workplace safety and environmental regulations.

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    Specialised Machinery Operators

    Specialised Machinery Operators are those who are trained in operating specialised machinery such as excavators, draglines and trenchers.

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    Plus Many More

    Our Story.

    We started by solving our own problem.

    As a construction company operating within the trenchless sector assigning the drilling crews to meet project demands always result in either an over or under allocation of specialised personnel, and costs the company with employee leave, and incidental down time days, project delays and other overhead costs during quieter periods.

    Further discussions with construction company owners highlighted the growing trend of specialised personnel demanding greater work-life flexibility and additional pay to offset their specialised and needed skill set. It is here that we envisioned a system which provided more flexibility around  work schedule, and in return gave companies the flexibility to engage specialised personnel only when and where their projects demanded, and Onsider was born.

    Connect with contractors for specialised roles such as

    Project Managers, Site Supervisors & Leading Hands

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    Estimators, Safety Advisors and Environmental Officers

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    Engineers – Civil, Geotechnical, Structural, Site & Project

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    Specialised Machinery Operators

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    Highly-skilled people for construction projects such as:

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    Horizontal Directional Drilling, Auger Boring, Thrust Boring, Microtunneling, Tunnel Boring Machines and more

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    All Construction Works – including earthworks, road infrastructure and pipeline works

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    Road & Bridge

    Maintenance and construction of all road infrastructure

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    Commercial & Residential Projects

    Small and large infrastructure projects, ranging from Schools, Aged Care Facilities and Industrial Developments

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    Utility Upgrades

    All pit & pipe projects – including electrical, communications, gas, sewerage, water and irrigation

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    Mining Infrastructure

    All mining infrastructure

    Contractor vs Employee: The advantages are clear.

    Onsiders offer many unique advantages over full-time employees

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    Only hire them when you need them.

    Engage an Onsider to fill the void created through annual leave, personal leave, short term contracts, long term contracts and company growth stages to supplement established crews or improve less experienced teams.

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    Reduce Overheads.

    Only pay for an Onsider when you need them. Onsiders can integrate into your organisation when you need, helping to manage, implement and complete your project efficiently, effectively and within budget.

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    Significant Financial Advantages.

    Onsider Independent Contractors have established their own business, with the added benefit that there is no longer any obligations about superannuation, holiday leave, personal leave, work cover, upskilling and equipment.

    Full Control.

    You choose the role, set the schedule and hire an Onsider only for the period you need.


    Onsider is a managed service for contractors and consultants who are highly skilled specialists that run their own business

    Suited to your project needs.

    All Onsiders presented match the necessary skills, experience and expertise required to complete your projects professionally and to the highest standard.

    Access to skilled and vetted talent.

    All Onsiders are extensively vetted to ensure they meet the high standards you expect from a civl construction specialist. A strict application process, background and medical checks, along with set minimum requirements ensures only the best applicants are approved for your projects.

    Minimum admin.

    You choose the right Onsider and we’ll handle the rest, including contractual obligations, payment security and more.

    Project Ready.

    All Onsiders engaged are fully equipped to complete their project, including all necessary work specific laptops, 2-way radios, site ready vehicles and equipment as required on a project basis.

    The Onsider Management service offers many benefits such as

    Custom-built Platform

    Log in to access a database of vetted Onsiders with skills, rates and availability.

    Management of Administration

    No more posting jobs ads, interviewing or background checks. Onsider takes care of all that.

    Project Matching

    Onsider Management takes the time to make sure the right Onsider contractor is available to meet all your project needs and requirements.

    Clear Contracts

    Once the right Onsider is matched to your project needs, contractural documents are formed outlining in clear terms the obligations of both parties.

    Secure Managed Payments

    Payments are securely managed by Onsider Management to ensure compliance, reliability, job satisfaction and performance.

    Single Point of Contact

    An Onsider Manager is dedicated to your project, ensuring clear communication between all parties and providing a single point of contact.


    Yes, contact us through the registration form below and let a Onsider manager take care of the rest. We will filter and present a selection of Onsiders to fulfil the necessary requirements for your project.

    Onsider provides fully vetted individual contractors for all civil construction projects, such as Trenchless (HDD, Auger, Thrust, Micro), Subdivision works, Road & Bridge, Commercial & Residential Projects, Utility Upgrades and more. Find Individual contractors with specialised roles such as Project Management, Site Supervisors, Engineers, Safety & Environmental Officers, Specialised Machinery Operators and more. Contact us if what you’re looking for is not on the list and we will facilitate your needs.

    All registered Australian and New Zealand Companies seeking expert individuals to fill key organisational positions can join Onsider. That includes all small businesses, large companies, government departments and utilities. Fill out the registration form below to begin this process with the Onsider team.

    All Individual Contractors are fully vetted through an extensive approval process, which reviews each Individual Contractors’ experiences, capabilities, projects completed, roles performed, professional references, medical and police history.

    All client construction companies will be required to pay 1 week of the agreed rates to lock in the Independent Contractors. Recurring weekly prepayments are required to maintain the engagement of the Individual Contractors’ services.

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